Written for Colour-ize, the official fanbase of Deine Lakaien. First appeared here.

A little hope for the future: Deine Lakaien Acoustic in Warsaw

My dear fellow fan, Queeny said the acoustic concerts of Deine Lakaien are always special and I cannot agree more. On 17 March I was lucky to go to their acoustic show enjoying the amazing piece of art that is Deine Lakaien’s music in Warsaw, Klub Progresja. This was the second Deine Lakaien concert in Warsaw but I’m sure not the last. They were at their best and the audience was fantastic.

Deine Lakaien concerts are always worthwhile, first because of the band’s continuous innovation, experimentation and revival. Secondly because even in their darkest songs there’s a glimpse of hope. This concert in Warsaw proved this again.

The first song to play was Where You Are. This sad and delicate ballad guided us into the world of Deine Lakaien’s music. A powerful Gone and Down, Down, Down were followed by

the sorrowful The Game. Return was exhilarating as always. Where the Winds Don’t Blow and Over And Done, two pieces about loss came after and Alexander described these two as „sad topic but with a little hope for the future”. He also said that Gone is „a song about losing in love but never give up”. Another two songs represented the beauty of Indicator (a personal favourite album of mine): Without Your Words and One Night. Then the first part of the concert ended with Fighting the Green.

The second part of the concert began with Walk to the Moon and after this „another kind of moonwalk” as Alexander noted, we were invited to the garden with Follow Me. The playful seduction of Follow Me were followed by a melancholic Wunderbar and a mesmerizing Europe. It’s always nice to hear Alexander singing in French and this was also the point where he described himself as a „soldier of love” who’s traveling and fighting for our beloved Europe. Thoughtful idea! As I recall our enthusiasm in the audience, our common joy and our openness toward fellow fans, I dare say Alexander is on the right track.

The second part ended with Don’t Wake Me Up and Dark Star and an equally funny and touching moment when Ernst stood up, headed for the microphone and told the audience that Chopin was his idol when he was a ten year old little boy. While Ernst was speaking Alexander sat down to the piano as if he wanted to switch their roles. Although it would have been priceless they performed the encore, Eternal Sun and Love Me to the End with their regular line-up. The audience rewarded their beloved Lakaien with standing ovation and a huge wave of love and euphoria.

Alexander said he woke up with throat ache and it worried him but fortunately the ache went away when he started singing. Ernst was pleased with their performance too, he said they were in a good shape and everything went well. As for the audience, Warsaw is more than eager to welcome her Lakaien again.

As Queeny said, the acoustic concerts of Deine Lakaien are always special.

I’ve known and loved Deine Lakaien’s music since 2010 and they are one of those five or six bands I follow with attention and respect the most. I remember my first Deine Lakaien acoustic concert very well. It took place in Leipzig, 2012. In that year I had a lot of problems and my trip to the Leipzig & Dresden acoustic concerts gave me a revelation. At the concert in Leipzig I sat in the first row. I can still feel that intimate atmosphere and the audience’s almost tangible love for the band. Alexander stepped very close to the audience, singing lines directly to the fans  sitting in the first row. While singing Follow Me he looked at me, addressing me the line „There’s more to life than this” and even whispered a silent „Ja”. Of course it was totally random but for me his words carried a very deep meaning and gave me shivers. This experience helped clearing my head and move on with my life.

Always special.

I’m sure my fellow fans have similar personal experiences and we’ve all got a lot from Deine Lakaien’s music. We’re looking forward next time, keeping up with our Lakaien.